Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sangat menghayat hati :(
sabar ye Faa , akibat mulut2 si sial , dan kw perang dengan si die .
awak , knpe buat org mcm neyy?
if this the end , i accept it . thank you so much :(
i'll be different tomorrow.
walaupun perit ,aku tetap telan .

mujurlah ade keluaarge2 dan rakan2 yg memberi semangat .terime kasihh daun keladii ;)

for you ,
tomorrow is our relationship has run for two months and yesterday we fought.
why all this happened ? i missyou .
i wait for you ,
me to be patient in you.
i changed my attitude . can't you see or you
pretend to not see
it's alright .
I'm sorry if I'm wasting time for this moment.